16th June 2015

The next Partnership Meeting will be held at 10.30am in Hay Room, Dewars Centre, Glover Street, Perth.  The Agenda and papers are detailed below:

1. Agenda

2. Minute of Meeting held on 10 March 2015

3. Presentation by David Littlejohn, Head of Planning & Regeneration, Perth & Kinross Council

4. Presentation by John Lauder, National Director, Sustrans

5. Appointment of Non Councillor Member (Report by Secretary)

6. Appointment of Proper Officer, Legal (Joint Report by Director and Secretary)


7. Draft Unaudited Statement of Accounts 2014/15 (Joint Report by Treasurer and Director)

8. Public Services Reform Act Annual Statements 2014/15 (Joint Report by Director and Treasurer)


9. Refresh of Regional Transport Strategy (Report by Strategy Manager)

10. RTS Delivery Plan Update (Report by Projects Manager)

11. Rail Issues Update (Report by Projects Manager)

12. 2014/15 Revenue Programme and Monitoring (Joint Report by Director and Treasurer)

13. Development Planning Consultations (Report by Strategy Manager)

14. Director's Report