10th March 2015

The next Partnership Meeting will be held at 1.30pm in Committee Room 1, Dundee City Council, 14 City Square, Dundee.  The Agenda and papers are detailed below:

1. Agenda

2. Minute of Meeting held on 9 December 2014

3. Presentation by Neil Gellatly, Head of Transportation, Dundee City Council

4. Appointment of Non Councillor Member (Report by Secretary)

5. Review of Risk Register (Joint Report by Director and Treasurer)


6. 2014/15 Revenue Programme and Monitoring (Joint Report by Director and Treasurer)

7. 2014/15 Capital Programme and Monitoring (Report by Projects Manager)

8. Audit Plan 2014/15 (Joint Report by Treasurer and Director)


9. Refresh of Regional Transport Strategy (Report by Strategy Manager)

10. Active Travel Strategy and Programme Update (Report by Active Travel Officer)

11. Community Rail Partnerships: Progress Update (Report by Projects Manager).

12. 2015/16 Revenue Budget and Programme (Joint Report by Director and Treasurer)

12. Consultations (Report by Strategy Manager)

13. Director's Report - Copy to follow